July 10, 2022


Top 5 reasons why all businesses should invest in new technology

The tech landscape is rapidly evolving and in order to gain a competitive advantage, your business should follow suit. 

From gaining an advantage on your competitors to empowering a remote workforce, having better interactions with your customers and reducing operational costs, read on to discover a few of the core reasons why your business should prioritize investing in new technology.  

1. Maximize internal resources

Choosing the right technology for your business can help your team free up internal resources and help employees do their job quicker, without a decrease in quality or accuracy. By reducing errors and wasted time, you can improve overall productivity levels and eliminate sunken resources. Adopting new tech solutions to simplify, automate or even eliminate manual tasks is great way to save time and money.  

2. Decrease operational costs

Maximizing employee resources, reducing errors and automating processes gives your business the opportunity to devote more time into overall strategy and development. By utilizing technological solutions that align with your short and long-term business goals, you have the ability cut-down overall costs. By utilizing cloud technology solutions that align with your objectives you can increase scalability, achieve flexibility and focus your efforts on business operations at a fraction of the price.  

    3. Fulfil compliancy requirements and stay cybersecure 

    With cyberthreats in Canada increasing and becoming more advanced, it’s critical that businesses dealing with sensitive data stay compliant and cybersecure.  You can ensure data protection with programs such as Azure AD.

    Boasting professional-grade security features such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Single Sign-On (SSO) and conditional access, Azure AD is multifaceted security solution. It’s important to note that security breaches not only compromise the integrity of your business’s reputation, finances and data, but also customer trust. 

    4. Gain a competitive advantage

    Technology is advancing fast and your business should be, too. Migrating to the cloud gives you a competitive edge by breaking internal silos, enhancing connectivity and making data available from anytime at anywhere. Because cloud migration is an essential step to future proofing your business, you now have the opportunity apply for government funding in order to enhance their business technology.  

    If you are a small to medium-sized, Canadian-owned business with a max of 499 employees, you could be eligible for up to $15,000 in grant funding to improve the way your company uses technology. As part of the grant, eligible businesses will work certified digital advisors to develop a strategic Digital Adoption Plan that will highlight how to improve your overall technology usage. Click here to learn if you qualify for the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) today.  

      5. Improve customer satisfaction 

      With the adoption of new technology, you are more likely to provide the best possible products and services to your clientele. It’s possible that your customers are up to speed with the newest and most innovative technologies, so it’s pertinent that your business is on the same page to best connect with them. For example, more than 60% of millennials have interacted with a chat bot at least once, and over 70% had a positive experience.  

      Don’t wait to start improving your business technology

      Businesses of all sizes can reap the benefits of adopting the right technology solutions. Whether you are a start-up or an established company, you should constantly keep your eyes peeled for the next big tech innovation. However, running a business is a full-time gig. By working with a managed IT provider, you can focus on achieving your business goals and leave the IT to the experts. Get in touch with one of IT specialists to learn how your business will from benefit from new and innovative technology solutions today.