May 21, 2022


Why transition to the cloud? Discover the benefits of cloud services

Are you ready to decrease upfront hardware costs, enhance your data backup recovery plan and ease the scalability of your business? If so, cloud services may be the ticket you’re looking for. As we’ve seen the migration from cassette tapes to CDs, CDs to iTunes, Spotify and so on, we are now seeing the businesses transform in a comparable way.  

In today’s work environment, cloud services such as Microsoft 365, Zoom video conferences Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calling are commonplace. Businesses can now connect their teams from anywhere in the world at any time with a stable internet connection. With that being said, it’s no wonder why businesses are making the switch to cloud services. Let us look at some of the core benefits migrating to the cloud can offer your business.

Seamless scalability 

Ideal for hybrid and remote work environments, members can access information on the cloud from any device, anywhere at any time with a good internet connection. Furthermore, you can adjust your cloud solutions to match the current and future needs of your business. You have complete control over utilization. As your business objectives change, you can adjust your cloud preferences to match.  

Increased cost savings

Businesses can avoid upfront hardware and maintenance costs with cloud storage solutions. Rather than shelling out thousands for hardware upgrades or malfunctions, you can simply purchase storage space from a third-party hosting site. Don’t want to take on the task? Offering monthly and yearly fees, ALPHA’s expert IT team will make sure you are equipped with the right solutions at the right time.  

Enhanced security 

As cloud storage providers update their security measures on a regular basis, data and information located in the cloud is more secure than data and information stored on a personal device or physical server. If an employee does end up losing their computer, tablet, etc., they will be able to access all their important information from another device at a moment’s notice if they have a stable internet connection.  

Improved business continuity 

In the event of an IT malfunction, man-made or natural disaster, physical servers pose as a high risk for data loss. With cloud providers offering leading data backup solutions, your team’s data will not be affected by physical or technological pitfalls. Stored in both national and international servers, your information on the cloud will still be available in the event of a natural or technological malfunction. Even if you are hit with a cyber or malware attack, your information will be recoverable, which will help your business continuity plan enormously.  

More accessability 

As all your information will be accessible via the Internet on the cloud, this gives businesses the opportunity to take advantage of hybrid and remote work environments. Team members can work in different cities or countries while having the ability to share access to documents that update in real-time. By increasing the efficiency of internal collaboration, businesses can enhance overall productivity rates and stay one step ahead of competitors who have not yet migrated to the cloud.  

Start scaling your business today

Are you interested in scaling your business, enhancing your business continuity plan, maximizing your team’s efficiency and more? Allow our IT experts to free up time your team spends on preventable IT issues and do the jobs they were hired to do. ALPHA will help you transition your organization to the cloud with ease. Visit our contact page to start the conversation and uncover more benefits migrating to the cloud has in store for your business.