June 27, 2022


Uncover the perks of partnering up with a specialized IT provider

The technological landscape is constantly evolving and is essential in today’s economy. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses were left struggling and trying to evolve without overextending their budgets. The solution? Outsourcing IT functions to a specialized Managed Service Provider (MSP).  

When it comes to cost savings, streamlining business operations and getting the most out of your IT, partnering with a specialized IT provider who is familiar with the ins and outs of your business is a must. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of teaming up with a specialized MSP 

One point of contact 

By outsourcing your IT to ALPHA, you will receive a dedicated account manager who will be your go-to contact and IT partner. Over time you will develop a trusted relationship with your MSP and they should also play an advisory role, educating you and your employees on IT best practices and what to do in case of a malfunction.  

From resolving issues to proactively monitoring your systems and acting as the intermediary contact between you and product vendors, your account manager will take the IT issues off your hands so you can focus on running your business. 


Industry expertise 

Working with an MSP who is experienced in your industry can make all the difference when it comes to the success of your business. By understanding the IT needs for your particular niche, an experienced MSP will deploy expert IT solutions that will align with your industry’s unique set of challenges and requirements.  

In most cases, IT companies assist a variety of clients. However, it’s important that you inquire about their previous and current clientele. You can find out if an MSP will be a good fit by speaking with their team, reading testimonials, case studies or company reviews online. If possible, ask the company for client references in order to gain a better understanding of how their experience was.  


Vendor relationships 

IT vendors are frequently updating their products. By partnering with an MSP who has long-lasting vendor relationships, your business will gain access to the latest product releases and the receive the top product solutions available at a reduced price point.  

With an MSP, you gain flexibility by having the option to amalgamate product solutions from various vendors. This is something that you wouldn’t typically get with an in-house IT team. The IT product market is saturated with options and the number of choices may seem overwhelming. By partnering with an IT provider, you can forget about reading off the box and leave the research component to the experts.  

Cost savings

Gain access to an entire team of experts for the price of one in-house IT specialist. From cutting down software application and network costs to increased hardware savings and employee resources, partnering with a professional MSP offers various perks when it comes to cutting down overall costs.  

Rather than running into tech issues that disrupt business operations and loosing hours of employee resources, an MSP can help detect IT issues before they become a hindrance for your business. If you experience a critical issue such as a hardware or network failure, your MSP will be right there to back you up. Need to speak to a vendor for product support? Your MSP will take care of that, too.  

Regulatory compliance advice 

A wide variety of industries are faced with regulatory and insurance requirements that they must fulfill. With these requirements constantly changing, it can be hard for businesses to stay up to date. With cyberattacks on the rise, updates are made to industry compliance requirements to ensure the highest level of security possible.  

Partnering with trustworthy MSP will ensure that your company keeps up with constantly changing requirements and that your business decisions align with your industry’s compliance regulations. From healthcare to government, retail and more, compliance requirements are not a best practice, they are a requirement.  

White glove service 

Although an in-house IT team may be well-versed in the subtleties of your business, a managed IT provider strives to fully understand your niche and provide the best-suited, industry-specific solutions. Additionally, MSPs offer flexible care package options that are tailored to suit your current business objectives.  

In addition to continuously monitoring your systems, a good MSP will provide timely a response rate to all client requests. For critical issues, professional MSPs generally have a response time of 1 hour or less. The best MSPs will provide around-the-clock support, provide remote and onsite support services when needed.  


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