May 12, 2022


Propel your business forward with an IT assessment

To succeed in today’s economic environment, organizations need accountable IT infrastructure that continuously fulfills business-critical systems and operational needs. A professional IT assessment will help identify strengths and gaps, while also providing tactics to maximize business efficiency, employee resources and profit margins.  

Do you know what the state of your IT infrastructure looks like right now? From network security to data recovery methods and more, an IT expert will provide a transparent baseline of where you stand today. Furthermore, an IT specialist will outline solutions and provide recommendations on how to improve your current IT infrastructure.  

What is an IT assesment?

To get a full understanding of a business’s IT, ALPHA will generally request access to your wireless network, software applications and hardware inventory. By assessing your infrastructure, our tech experts will provide a high-level assessment and unbiased overview of your current IT.  

With an in-depth assessment and testing of your IT, our experts can develop solutions that will help to maximize your day-to-day business operations, reduce system downtime enhance network security and more. Read on to uncover some of the other benefits associated with a professional IT assessment.  

Receieve expert technical opinions

Allow the technical experts to take care of the IT so that you can focus on running your business. Even if you have an in-house IT department, receiving an unbiased second opinion and a high-level overview of your current infrastructure will help make sure your IT is on point and identify areas for improvement.  

A proactive approach to your IT

The break-fix mentality is one of the past. Rather than waiting for a problem to occur, an IT assessment will help you pinpoint potential issues before they happen and provide long-term solutions that will help prevent those issues from arising in the future. Receive peace of mind, focus on the core needs of your business and ensure your IT is running smoothly day in and day out.  

Decrease sunken costs

Did you know that on average, employees spend nearly 2 weeks of their time every year either waiting for slow computers, fixing computers, or attempting to resolve tech-related issues? By receiving an initial IT assessment, businesses can avoid costly security breaches and/or system malfunctions. With an IT site assessment, you will receive an overview of what your business needs and how to make more cost-effective technology solutions moving forward.  

Mitigate risk and fulfil compliance regulations  

With an initial site assessment, ALPHA’s IT experts can help you gain a better understanding of your current IT infrastructure, plan ahead and reduce organizational risk. Additionally, compliance is an important objective of any IT assessment. As the tech landscape and insurance requirements are constantly changing, ensure you meet all your industry’s compliance requirements starting with an IT assessment.  

Request your IT assessment today 

Starting with an IT assessment, our tech experts will help you better align your business decisions and industry best. Whether you need to improve your business continuity and disaster recovery plan or revise your security measures, an IT assessment will highlight the components your business needs to thrive.   

ALPHA has experience providing comprehensive IT assessments for a variety of industries including healthcare, government, professional services, remote First Nations communities and more. Alongside our trusted technology vendors, we are able to provide long-lasting IT solutions and recommendations that our clients can count on. Experience the ALPHA difference and speak with a technology representative today.