April 24, 2022


6 lead generating apps to increase customer conversion rates

When it comes to targeting leads and increasing customer conversion rates, businesses can reap the benefits of industry-leading lead generation applications. If your goal is to generate more quality leads, you may find the following applications to your interest. 

From integrated booking systems, automating your workflows, streamlining client invoicing and more, check out the following applications to see which options are a great fit for your business.

1. Calendly  

This scheduling software makes bookings meetings a breeze. Whether you are looking for software to better coordinate with your team or to schedule appointments seamlessly with clients, Calendly is a great solution. In addition to improving workflows with notifications, meeting reminders and follow-ups. You can also include powerful integrations such as video calling, CRM, sales tools and more. 

2. HubSpot

This sales and inbound marketing software helps organizations attract new customers, increase potential leads and ROI. From content creation to automated workflows, you can lock down new leads, improve customer service, improve your sales pipeline and track overall performance.

3. Jane App

With tools such as online booking, charting, scheduling, secure video, and invoicing all on one interface, Jane is a convenient tool for health and wellness practitioners. The app is available for any device, making it easy for staff and patients to communicate effectively. The Jane App is a great solution to simplify online bookings and save time for in-office staff. 

4. Hotjar

Understand how users interact with your site with HotJar. HotJar is a user analysis tool that records heatmaps of each user session in order to analyze their behaviour. The tool integrates across a myriad of devices including desktop, mobile and tablet so you can track your visitors’ behavior and identify potential opportunities. HotJar is also equipped with surveys and feedback widgets which you can thoughtfully place on your website to collect user feedback. 

5. Picreel

Well suited for small to large-scale businesses, Picreel is a great tool to analyze your visitors’ exit intent and prompts them submit their contact info in order to build your email lists. By acquiring users contact info, you can retarget prospects with specialized offers and conversations to convert them into potential new customers. With Picreel, you can create and design customized offers to showcase strategically on your website depending on user behavior.  

6. OptinMonster

Provide your site visitors with visually appealing popups, slide-in windows and game wheels. Customize your displays to target specific audiences and decrease abandoned carts rates while increasing overall customer conversions and sales. You can also integrate OptinMonster with your current email marketing or CRM platform to help streamline your business operations.  

Assess your business needs and uncover the right apps 

It’s important to note that lead generation is not a black and white process. There are many different tools and methods which businesses can utilize to generate leads. From landing pages to email marketing, social media and more, there are plenty to choose from. It all comes down to what aligns best with your business goals.  

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