Maximize operations and patient care with expert IT services

Streamline your clinic’s performance with IT services that prioritize record management, network security and support diagnostic equipment operations. Our team of IT specialists are familiar with a wide variety of dental software solutions and are ready to develop the right solution to suit your practice’s technological needs.

Customized IT services catered to the dental industry


Customized IT solutions that meet your industry’s specific regulatory and compliance requirements.


Secure patient records and confidential data from potential cyberattacks by utilizing industry-specific cybersecurity tactics that meet government privacy requirements.


Ensure business continuity with reliable recovery plans that will reduce overall downtime, get practice-critical systems such as X-rays back online and recover patient data quickly in the case of a disaster.


Our team of IT specialists has  extensive  experience working with vendors to deploy industry-specific software solutions such as  ClearDent, Dentrix, Dolphin, Recall Max, Power Practice, Open Dental and Sidexis.


Expect reduced downtime due to faster problem resolution, proactive maintenance and long-term solutions from our IT team that is available 24/7 by phone or in-person for more complex tasks.

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