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We have been developing high-quality IT and web development solutions with the best production standards for years. By applying imagination and technology for the benefit of your business, we ensure that each project receives the care and attention it deserves.

Scalable IT solutions to help you prosper

Rest assured that you will have an entire team on your side who understands how to simplify technical jargon. By working with us, we will break down information in a way that makes sense to you. We pride ourselves in delivering scalable IT solutions and creating trusted partnerships our clients can count on.

We are here to take the technical issues off your hands


A team of highly experienced IT professionals located across Western Canada provides expertise specific to each industry we serve.


From the moment you start working with us, we continuously monitor your needs to ensure that solutions continue working for you.


Dedicated account managers, project managers and senior techs will lead the implementation of tactical IT solutions to ensure maximum success.

Your organization is in good hands

We specialize in equipping small to large-scale businesses with customized IT and web development strategies that accelerate long-lasting success.

Our story

Uncover how we started and where we are today

What started out as a basement startup in 2015 has transformed into one of Vancouver Island’s leading IT support companies.

With our growth, we acquired GCS Technology Services Inc. and My Tech Guys, which helped us dive deeper into the IT landscape.

Over the years, we have built up a dedicated team of professional IT technicians, web developers, designers and marketers who will help make your goals a reality.

September 2016

The adventure starts with ALPHA Owner, Dj Levy and his former partner, Andrew Labun, starting up a selfie shirt studio in Dj’s basement.

January 2017

Receiving funding from Business Funding Canada (BDC), Dj and Andrew incorporated the business and were off to the races.

March 2018

After launching the selfie shirt studio website, it tanked. The next month was spent re-branding the company to Pacific Threads.

April 2018

After building their own website, they tried to hire a digital marketing company, but no one returned their call. It was at this point they had the idea of building their own web design company.

May 2018

The company’s name changes to Noble Tech and is entirely focused on web design. The team grows from 3 to 5 people and continues working out of Dj’s Vancouver Island home.

April 2019

The company adds digital marketing to its services and the name was changed to ALPHA Strategy. After renting advertising space on a couple of local buses in Nanaimo, leads start to come in.

January 2020

The company starts to gain traction and moves into their first office space in Nanaimo. The company grows by over 100% and starts to work with bigger name including

March 2020

The pandemic hits and the team begins working remotely. Dj notices that at this point, there is a need for IT services. ALPHA Strategy sees that GCS Technology Services is available for sale.

May 2020

Ariel Cidro comes on board as ALPHA Strategy’s Director of Technology.

August 2020

ALPHA Strategy acquires GCS Technology Services and dives into the IT industry.

September 2021

ALPHA Strategy acquires My Tech Guys and closes the year with a 200% increase in business. The company now has three offices in Nanaimo, Comox and Courtenay.

October 2021

The company is re-branded as ALPHA and Ariel Cidro comes on as a company partner.

March 2022

ALPHA has over 30 team members and continues to thrive with a primary focus on IT and secondary focus on web development.

Our culture

Our strategy is our people, their potential and the harmony they create. We are a diverse team of professionals based on Vancouver Island who are passionate about using technology to help businesses thrive. Clear communication, adaptability and industry expertise set us apart.

Our values

Our values propel us forward and remind us why we do what we do.


Maintain a startup culture mindset of “fighting above weight class”


Clear communication and effective feedback


For our people, our customers, and our community


Acquiring, using, and deploying the best expertise and knowledge


Relentless pursuit of sustainable growth


For using technology to our customer's best advantage