July 7, 2022


5 reasons dental practices should partner with a professional IT provider

Upbeat and professional employees are a key factor for the success of any dental office, but technology is what can truly make or break your practice. From X-ray scanners to patient information, dealing with third-party vendors and having to meet constantly changing insurance requirements, keeping up can be tough.  

However, there is a solution that can eliminate the hassle associated with your practices IT. The answer? Partnering up with a Managed Service Provider (MSP). From industry expertise to vendor liaising, cutting down overall costs and helping improve the way your clinic functions, MSPs are the backbone of your dental clinic’s success. Read on to learn why your clinic should consider partnering with an MSP.  

Experience significant cost savings 

Teaming up with a professional IT provider is proactive solution to any IT strategy. By pinpointing issues before you even know they exist, you can avoid unforeseen costs, sunken resources or even legality issues. Rather than having to shell out thousands to third-party vendors, you can simply pick up the phone and get in touch with your dedicated MSP who will do all the work for you at a reduced price point.   

What starts off as an initial site assessment, turns into a long-term strategic plan specifically designed for your practice to excel in the IT landscape. By ensuring that your hardware and software are up to date, running smoothly and being constantly monitored provides a competitive and cost-saving advantage for any business owner.  

Fulfill insurance compliance regulations  

Insurance requirements are constantly changing. For this reason alone, it is beneficial to have a professional IT provider who will keep you up to date. Additionally, an MSP will help your clinic navigate the ambiguity associated with insurance requirements and ensure you understand what needs to be done in order to stay compliant.  

Whether it’s the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) or the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), working alongside an MSP will help you gain clarity on what your practice needs to fulfill compliance.  

    Ehance your cybersecurity measures 

    What started to emerge as a serious issue in 2016, cybersecurity is crucial in today’s IT environment and can be the defining point of a business’s future. For example, over 60% of small to medium-sized businesses go out of commission within 6 months of falling victim to an unsuspected cyberattack.   

    However, by conducting a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment of your current IT environment, ALPHA’s IT experts will determine whether your organization is prepared to protect itself against a range of cyberthreats. Our team will also identify vulnerabilities and minimize security gaps. After identifying the gaps, we will provide the best-fit solutions to mitigate vulnerabilities. 

    Maximize your employee resources 

    Did you know that on average, employees spend up to two weeks each year trying to resolve IT issues? By partnering up with a professional service provider, your team will be able to focus on what they were hired to do and not have to worry about IT issues. Additionally, when employees attempt to resolve tech related issues, chances are they might incur more damage.   

    Whether it’s something as simple as dealing with a slow computer, or as serious as a successful third-party cybercrime, you will be glad that your MSP was there to take the problem off your hands so you can continue running your practice.  


    Minimize critical system downtime

    Depending on what system goes down, you may not be able to operate your clinic at all. Whether it’s an X-ray scanner, an intraoral camera or scheduling system, your clinic will not be able run at full capacity without them. ALPHA has experience working alongside dental clinics on Vancouver Island and helping them when they need it most. Offering remote assistance and on-site support for critical issues, you’ll never have to worry about an IT issue again.  

    Start improving your clinic’s operations now

    Are you interested in fine-tuning your practice’s operations, reducing overall costs and handing your IT off to an industry-specific professions? If so, get in touch with one of our technical experts today for your free consultation.